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Excelife 17230 Excelife Electric Glass Kettle, 1.8 L, Black [並行輸入品]


現在在庫切れです。この商品の再入荷予定は立っておりません。 - by 吉田愛理

登録情報ASIN:B018PRSYA2発送重量:1.93 kgAmazon.co.jp での取り扱い開始日:2015/11/29 - by 平野俊隆

詳細NEW - by 藤本はるか

説明1.8 L Electric Glass Kettle. With 1500 watts, this electric kettle can boil water faster than a microwave and is safer to use than a stovetop kettle because it automatically turns off when the water r ... - by 鈴木麗子

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